C’ville Creative Coders

C’ville Creative Coders is a meetup for programmers, artists, and creatives in Charlottesville who are passionate about their projects. Our meetup group provides a supportive space for individuals of all experience levels to showcase their creative and technical projects. Whether it’s a video game, a website, a piece of hardware, an animation, or a graph, we’d love to see it!

Through our monthly meetup, members have the opportunity to present their projects, share insights, and receive constructive feedback from fellow creators. Our community encourages sharing things before they're “ready”, because an artist’s work is never done.

If you built something that you think is cool, come share it with us! Whether you're a seasoned developer or a beginner programmer, our group welcomes you.

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We usually meet at the Central Library in Charlottesville, Virginia in the Jefferson room.

The address is 201 E. Market Street Charlottesville, VA 22902.

To get to the conference rooms, find the elevator at the back wall of the building and go up to the third floor. Once you exit the elevator, the Jefferson room is down the hall and on the right.